Artist's Biography

Homayoun Yerushalmi was born in Isfahan, Iran in 1947. In 1961 his family moved to Tehran. There he attended the School of Fine art, focusing on painting and architecture. Homayoun immigrated to the US in 1979 to escape the political turmoil in Iran. He has had a distinguished career in both furniture and jewelry design. Around the turn of the millennium, Homayoun felt the need to return to a more creative form of expression. He has rekindled his career as a fine artist, creating over 70 paintings and numerous drawings.

Homayoun Yerushalmi’s work connects the beauty of the physical world with a deep sense of spirituality. His works range from cityscapes of his neighborhood of Georgetown to allegorical scenes of hope and prosperity for his homeland of Iran. Homayoun’s painting reflects his ties to both the US and Iran and the artistic influence of all cultures worldwide. His work depicts the beauty of the world as it is now and as he hopes it will be in the future. Homayouns’s landscapes are concerned with conveying the atmosphere of the scene and the changes occurring with the passage of the four seasons. In his allegorical works, Homayoun continues the theme of the four seasons to convey a sense of progress, change and rebirth. He also uses the four seasons metaphor to champion the women’s movement in Iran. In his works he envisions a new Iran and a new world in which enlightenment has banished the darkness of war. These works depict a civilization that is built on the strength of different cultures coming together to share a prosperous future in which all people are united in a common spirituality.

When viewing a Homayoun Yerushalmi painting, one is reminded of a vivid dream montage full of color, memory, and emotion. His paintings pay homage to his life story spanning Eastern and Western cultures, while combining icons associated with democracy, nationalism, religion, mythology and nature. His current collection is a lush narrative of spiritual and political imagery in a post-9/11 world. Images of horses, doves, and maidens walk us through various landscapes and dreamscapes that are a tapestry of the artist’s journey from a revolution-bound Islamic country to America’s capitol. The long-time exploration of both the European and near-eastern arts has broadened his horizon and influenced Yerushalmi’s craft period. His compelling work combines qualities of impressionism, surrealism and contemporary painting techniques.






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